What to Wear

I get this question a lot. Be comfortable and choose clothes that make you feel good. I want you to be at ease during your photo shoot. Consider the location.  For example, if we are shooting in a field, high heels could pose a challenge.  Dress according to the season. Look for clothes that have interesting textures and patterns, layering, unique shoes and accessories.  I love layering and accessories-they add so much texture and interest to the photo.  Don't forget about the guys.  I have noticed that men tend to go for the plain button down shirt and I recommend the addition of a sweater, scarf, hat, etc. to add interest.   If we're doing a family shoot, choose a color pallet of colors that coordinate well with each other but avoid matching.   Currently, I love neutrals with pops of color and pastels.  Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.