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Wednesday, December 30, 2015
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Okay, I admit that I was just a little bit addicted to that Bruno Mars jam in 2015.  My family was terribly tired of hearing it overplayed on the radio but me-never!  But, I digress.

When planning this session, my client requested something different than the typical park or field and I knew just what to do.  I had the perfect location waiting for a family who was looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.    To tell you the truth, I knew that it was going to be awesome and I had tried to talk a few of my friends into using it.  But, it is hard convincing others that portraits taken in a parking garage are going to be spectacular.    I am so thankful that this mommy shared my vision!  She had the family dressed so perfectly too.  I love the monochromatic tones and how the colors worked so well with the concrete and metals at our location.  Perfection! 

Oh, the light…can we talk about the light?  Dramatic, spectacular, breathtaking…so many adjectives to describe that beautiful light.  When shooting outdoors, I almost always (as long as the sun is shining) try to incorporate beautiful backlight, but getting dramatic directional light is hard outdoors because the light is often hugging those being photographed.  But in the parking deck, I found abundant opportunities for dramatic side lighting.  I even found a spot to take some urban silhouettes.   

This family was so much fun too.   We let the kids dance and play and instead of getting stressed if the littlest was running around (I mean…little boys are wild—that is who they are!  I know…I have two of my own) we embraced the chaos and it made the pictures even better.  So much fun and love in these photos.    This was my favorite session from the fall.  I couldn’t narrow them down.  The gallery was excessively huge.  I loved it so much that I brought my own kids back to the same spot for our Christmas card photos.  Here is my long list of favorites from our uptown session with our beautiful city of Charlotte, NC as the backdrop.


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