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Tuesday, December 29, 2015
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In years past, I felt like we had a lot of grey fall days, not necessarily a lot of rain but no sunshine either.    This year, it seemed like feast or famine.  We either had beautiful sunny days or RAIN (and lots of it). 

The day before this session, I had just been forced to reschedule 5 families when my mini session was rained out.  Rescheduling 5 families is not easy in the fall when nearly all available days were reserved but I managed to get it done (with a lot of flexibility from my wonderful clients).   So, imagine the dread when I arrived to our scheduled meeting spot to be greeted by none other than the rain.  The park that we had planned to use was sitting right there on the rain line…just a mile north of our Dilworth location was clear of the clouds.  

With just an hour before the sun set for the evening, we had to decide what to do.  Should we pack it up and look for another location (easier said than done in game-day traffic)?  Should we wait it out in the car?  Nah…those options are for the weak!  We decided to proceed and shot through the rain.   This family is for real folks…total 100% troopers! 

Eventually, the rain trickled off and had I not decided to blog about it, I don’t think anyone would be the wiser.  The photos turned out beautifully (well, how could they not with such a gorgeous family!).  I love this momma’s style sense.  I photographed them over the summer and that time as well as this time I just LOVED her dress!  I might need to take her shopping with me.  Baby “E” was as sweet as sugar and full of smiles for mommy and daddy.  Here are my favorites.

Carrie Howland Photography is a family photographer located in Charlotte, NC specializing in fine art portraiture. 

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