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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
By Carrie Howland Photography
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I would say that I fell in love with photography in 2010 when I was merrily taking photos of my busy toddler son and anxiously awaiting the birth of my daughter.  I took my first photography class that summer and learned how to shoot in manual.  From that point on, I became obsessed and the learning has never stopped.  I've studied and taken workshops and learned from so many of my photography idols.

For the past 18 months, I've looked forward to learning how to shoot artful lifestyle films of my family.  Emily Mitchell of Everyday Films is the pioneer and master of this art form and I was dying to get into her much sought after class.  It's one of those workshops where you literally have to be at your computer the moment the registration opens or you'll miss out and I did miss it on several attempts.  So, I was over the moon when I learned that I'd be in her winter run of this course.  

Learning a new skill can be really intimidating.  For me, the only videos that I'd ever made were on my iPhone or before that various video recorders.  I'd never utilized the magnificent video function of my DSLR.  I never edited together video, audio and music.  So I was a bit nervous when the class started.  Emily instantly put me in her ease with her very thorough and down to earth teaching methods.  I learned SO MUCH SO QUICKLY and IT WAS A BLAST.  For our final project we were asked to shoot video of our families in the month of February, find a song we loved and license it, and edit it all together.  I found the process to be so rewarding, fun, and addictive.  I've found a new passion and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.  

My mind is swimming with opportunities to photograph my own family and the families of my amazing Charlotte, NC clients: a day in the life sessions, newborn and/or fresh 48 videos, awaiting baby films for my maternity clients, birthday parties, sporting events, films celebrating holiday traditions, family vacations, and simply capturing those ordinary but extraordinary and tender moments.  I love that videos can capture the sounds and emotions of a scene in a new and dynamic way.  I know that I'll cherish these films forever.   

Here is my debut family film (*first film attempt...ever).

Carrie Howland Photography is a lifestyle and portrait photographer located in Huntersville, NC and serving the greater Charlotte area.  How would you like a film like this one of your own family?  I will be offering introductory pricing for my first 5 lifestyle video clients.  Contact me to learn more!


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