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Saturday, July 27, 2019
By Carrie Howland Photography
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As I was thinking of what to share about this little beauty's session, I remembered how her mommy was so protective of her.  She asked me really great questions to ensure the care and protection of her daughter.  I thought I'd share a few things to consider when selecting your newborn photographer.  


TRAINING. With the advancement of digital cameras and technology, the barrier to entry into photography is very low (nearly nonexistent). So, there are lots of people marketing themselves as photographers.  it is very important with newborns to understand what training the photographer has undergone.  I'd personally recommend someone who has been trained in newborn safety and posing and someone who understands newborn physiology.  Newborns cannot speak for themselves so understanding how to pose them safely, how to read their cues (are they hungry, experiencing discomfort, gassy, cold or too warm) is important.  In addition to posing and safety, training in lighting, composition and editing are also important for beautiful photos.  


EXPERIENCE  Ask how long a photographer has been photographing newborns.  Is it their primary focus?  How many newborns do they photographer each year?


CONSISTENCY It is possible to get that great, lucky, "wow" shot every once in a while even with little experience.  Therefore, it is SO important when choosing a photographer to look for consistency.  Do they have a large body of work that you can look at and know that they can reproduce the same beautiful results time after time?  


PROP DESIGN and CUSTOMIZATION  Find out whether the photographer has a variety of props and backdrops available to you.  Will they customize these to your tastes?  Do you like the style of shooting and design that you see in the photographer's portfolio?


HOW DO THEY HANDLE ILLNESS  We're only human and us photographers get sick too.  Ask them what their backup plan is for illness?  Is it possible to reschedule?  Perhaps they have a backup photographer that they can refer to?  It's good to have a plan.  On the same note,  it may be important to you to ask your photographer if they have had the Tdap vaccine to protect against Pertussis (whooping cough). 


WHAT DOES THE PACKAGE INCLUDE  The spectrum of packages and pricing offered by photographers is very wide.  Some photographers offer a low "session fee" that includes the time of the photographer but images must be purchased separately and others offer all-inclusive packages.  It is important to understand exactly what is included for your fee.  If all-inclusive, how many images or different "looks" will you get?  Are digital images included?  What about prints?  Do they offer discounts for bundling sessions (i.e. maternity plus newborn or milestone sessions)?


HOW FAR IN ADVANCE DO YOU BOOK and HOW DOES THE PHOTOGRAPHER ENSURE TO RESERVE A SPOT FOR YOUR BABY (since arrival is usually unpredictable). So often, I have people reaching out to me for photos after the baby has arrived.  Sometimes, I have a spot available but often I am already booked.  If possible, try to book in your 2nd trimester to ensure getting on your favorite photographer's calendar.  Find out if your photographer limits the number of.babies due within the same time frame to ensure that every baby can be photographed once they arrive.


I hope these tips help you find the perfect photographer for your newborn.  Now, here are some of my favorite's from this sweet girl's session.



I has been photographing newborns since 2012.  I am passionate about the art of newborn photography.  It is such a joy working with new parents, squishy babies and also serving as a mentor to those entering the field.  I am currently booking newborns due September-February 2020.

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