Charlotte Newborn Photographer / Modern Lifestyle Newborn Session
Tuesday, February 04, 2020
By Carrie Howland Photography
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This Charlotte lifestyle newborn session was so much fun for me.  I'm a huge fan of interesting architecture and interior design and this family had such a cool, modern city home full of beautiful natural light and interesting lines.  So much light in fact that we had to employ Grandma and Grandpa's assistance to diffuse the light.  We wanted to do some photos of baby, mommy and daddy on the master bed but the light was streaming in so directly that it was leaving "hot spots" on faces and the white comforter was "blowing out" which is photographer speak for losing all detail.  They had automatic drapes that we could close but they were room darkening so we'd lose all natural light.  I asked if they had an extra white bed sheet.  Bed sheets or sheer draperies are great light diffusers in a pinch.  Grandma and Grandpa were so gracious to hold up the bed sheet out on the balcony outside the master bedroom window.  It was the perfect solution creating beautiful soft light.  I am sure that their arms were dead tired but they didn't offer up a single complaint.  What troopers and great helpers!

Lifestyle newborn sessions are perfect for families who want a more documentary style newborn session within the comfort of their own homes.  They work best in homes with lots of natural light and are a great option for babies who are past 18 days old.  

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