Charlotte Newborn Photographer / Beautiful Newborn with Big Brothers and Sister
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
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Four beautiful kids under the age of 5!  Give these parents props.  J  I came from a big family and I love working with big families so I was really excited when this mommy called me from Alaska about doing their newborn photos. 

The family was relocating to the Charlotte area shortly before the baby was due.  That’s right, at nearly full term this mommy traveled by herself with 3 small children in tow the long arduous plane journey with several connections while Dad finished packing up the old house.  I told her that she deserved some respect because I wouldn’t even travel alone with 2 children.

So soon after getting settled, little baby “B” arrived.  With the sweetest chubby cheeks and perfect little features, he looks like a little cherub…and exactly like his older brothers (at least in my opinion). 

The older kids were so cute and well behaved.  Mommy had a special request of doing a photo of oldest to youngest stacked up.  She had the three older kiddos practice before I arrived.  One by one they got into position and then we laid baby on top.  The practice paid off and it came out really cute (with a little Photoshop magic to erase Dad’s hands that were spotting the little guy).

Here are my favorites from this family’s beautiful newborn session.



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Iris - What a beautiful family. Love your close up shots.