Beautiful Rosalyn / Charlotte Newborn Photographer
Sunday, January 12, 2020
By Carrie Howland Photography
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Beautiful Rosalyn is such a pretty little peanut.  Her mommy request a more natural style studio session so I used a lot of swaddling and did more "baby led" posing.  It was a lot of fun and also challenging.  I find that I have become quite OCD with my newborn posing.  So many babies and lots of training have ingrained a lot...the foot should be here, fingers flat, this angle not that, etc. etc.  Getting outside of my comfort zone was a good thing and a nice refresh!  

I am a newborn photographer located in Huntersville, NC serving the greater Charlotte, NC area.  I schedule based on due date and only schedule three babies due within a one week period or 5 within a 2 week period.  Spaces are limited.  It is best to book in your 2nd trimester to ensure your due date's availability.  

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