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Thursday, February 18, 2016
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I cannot tell you how thrilled I was that we were going to have sunshine for this family session.  You see, this is the family of my son’s dear kindergarten teacher who we’ve come to love.  She is such a wonderful teacher, a selfless woman who truly loves her students and puts them first again and again.   How many teachers do you know that hold Saturday classes for those students who need extra help? Mrs. S is a special teacher. I hope that I don’t embarrass her by gushing. 

When I needed a volunteer to help check in families to my mini session dates, She was quick to stand up and offer me some help.  Both of our mini dates were full of sunshine, so it was only fair that the sun would also shine on Mrs. S’s family’s session.  

Now it isn’t everyday that I photograph families with teenagers.  I’d say that most of my families have little ones.  The tricks that I use to engage the preschoolers wouldn’t necessarily work on the high-school set.  Tricks like “Okay, time for a tickle fight!” or “Sneak up behind Mommy and Daddy and scare them” might garner some odd reactions.  I did joke with them about it though and that got some cute giggles and natural smiles.  

The family came dressed in rich fall colors, which complimented the rusted barn and orange sunset so perfectly.  I couldn’t have planned it better myself.  So here are my favorite photos from my favorite kindergarten teacher’s session.  


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